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Whitney has narrowed the single cask release to three barrels. Here are the tasting notes on those barrels. Tell us which barrel you think sounds like the perfect one!

Cask #61: 89°
Color: Medium brown amber, bright spirit
Nose: Bitter orange peel, earthy caramel, baking spice, hint of cinnamon
Palate: Rich dry caramel to start. Previous candied orange has given way to dried orange peel. Dry malted, dry cocoa nibs, finishing up with roasted malt and dark chocolate. Long pleasant finish with roasted barley, dry mocha, and chocolate. With water; light caramel, coconut, malted milk ball.
Cask #67: 89.2°
Color: Rich brown amber, bright spirit
Nose: Rich caramel, dried orange peel, vanilla, allspice
Palate: Dry start with rich toasted caramel. Previous candied orange has evolved into rich naval and bitter orange peel. Creamy chocolate malted, dry vanilla, baking spice, malted milk ball, dark chocolate, roasted barley. Long pleasant finish with roasted barley, bitter orange peel, and cocoa. With water; lightly sweet caramel, pimento dram, milk chocolate, coconut, hint of anisette
Cask #68: 106.2°
Color: Rich medium brown amber, bright spirit
Nose: Dark caramel, dried bitter orange peel, baking spice
Palate: Baking spice up front with caramel, barrel char, malted milk balls, candied citrus. Dry vanilla mid palate with roasted barley and chocolate malted. With water; pale barley malt, medium chocolate malted, allspice, cinnamon. Pleasant finish with chocolate and dry malt, and orange peel.