Distiller’s Table

Batch 206
1417 Elliott Ave W, |Seattle, WA 98119|(206) 216-2803

Welcome to the Distiller’s Table. This semi-private dining area is a perfect place to host company events and personal parties. The table is located in our Bourbon Rack House, creating a rustic, industrial background for your event. Oaky’s Tex Mex provides an array of creative dishes featuring smoked meat perfection and authentic Tex Mex as well as salad and starter options. Batch Bar crafts cocktails with our award-winning, locally made Batch 206 spirits. We would love to host your event with our outstanding combination of food, beverage, and atmosphere.

21+ establishment

Capacity- 50 maximum seated

Deposit- $250 to be applied to the bill at time of event.

Minimum-$500 (not including tax and gratuity)

Confirmation on headcount and order 24 hours prior to event.

Reservation 1 week in advance is preferred.

Reservations for parties of 20 or more persons.

Individual tabs welcome

One payment to Oaky’s Tex Mex for food tab is strongly encouraged.

Handicap accessible



Blaire Ramsay

Bar & Tasting Room Manager

Batch 206 Distillery

Email: Blaire@batch206.com