It’s Raining Medals! Batch 206 Wins Big in 2014

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Batch 206 Distillery Wins Big at Multiple National Spirits Competitions


Seattle, April 9, 2014: Batch 206 Distillery is proud to announce it has been awarded a coveted gold medal for their Seattle made Batch 206 Vodka and a silver medal for their first flavor extension, Batch 206 Mad Mint Vodka, at the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Batch 206 Vodka’s gold medal bested nationally acclaimed brands such as Belvedere, Crystal Head, Luksusowa, New Amsterdam and Pinnacle. In addition, Batch 206 won 3 more medals at the American Distilling Institute’s (ADI) 8th Annual Craft Spirits Competition. Batch 206 products Counter Gin, See 7 Stars Peach Pie Moonshine and Barrel Raider Bourbon all took home bronze medals.

The 14th edition of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition took place between March 20th and 23rd at the distinguished Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. This year was the largest year ever in the 14 year history of the competition with 1,474 entries, all evaluated by a panel of 39 of the finest palates in the spirits industry. The ADI Craft Spirits Competition was held in Seattle, WA between March 31st and April 3rd, and was comprised of hundreds of entries of craft spirits judged panel of 28 industry professionals.

Asked for reaction, owner Jeff Steichen commented “the San Francisco World Spirits Competition is one of the top International competitions in the world. We are overjoyed at the aspect of winning gold there. That coupled with 3 more medals for our Counter Gin, Barrel Raider Bourbon and See 7 Stars Moonshine at the recent ADI conference in Seattle last week is really validating.”

Opened in March 2012, Batch 206 Distillery is an 8,000 square foot distillery located in the Interbay neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Out of 85+ distilleries in the state of Washington, Batch 206 Distillery is currently one of the top 5 distilleries in the state for both production and sales. Batch 206 Distillery is a true small batch artisan facility, hand crafting their products in small batches on a 1,000 liter, handmade Kothe still. Batch 206 is owned and operated by Jeff Steichen and his wife Daleen Esterhuizen. Batch 206 products are currently available in 17 states, Canada and Singapore, Asia.

Batch 206 Distillery currently produces Batch 206 Vodka, Mad Mint Vodka, Counter Gin, See 7 Stars Moonshine (Original, Apple Pie, Peach Pie, Cherry Pie) and Barrel Raider Bourbon. Batch 206 Vodka and Batch 206 Mad Mint Vodka were the only 2 brands Batch 206 entered into the SF Spirits Competition. Counter Gin, See 7 Stars Moonshine and Barrel Raider Bourbon were the only 3 brands Batch 206 entered into the ADI competition.