Batch 206 Vodka

Batch 206 Vodka

Batch 206 Vodka

It was important to create a flavor profile that immediately translates into quality.

Made from 100% Corn. A hint of sweetness from the corn comes through coupled with “honey tones” and is felt immediately on the tongue. There is a slight sting which then wraps around the tongue, providing a medium dry finish which quickly clears, leaving a very clear palate

It’s a sipping vodka to be enjoyed simply on the rocks or a martini garnished simply, yet mixes quite well in traditional mixed cocktails. It is produced carefully in very small batches, handmade, hand bottled, hand labeled, and hand packed.

Equally important is the treatment that Batch 206 Vodka receives after fermentation and distillation. Rectification down to a standardized beverage strength of 40% alcohol (80 proof) is achieved using dilution water that measures Absolute 7 on the pH scale. As such, it is of the highest purity that water can possibly be, containing no minerals, heavy metals or dissolved gasses…..

The slight impurities in the base spirit that were not separated away during distillation are captured as a result of the distillery’s rigorous 206-hour charcoal-polishing regimen. Using coconut-shell charcoal, each batch prepared within the distillery’s Spirits Receiver No. 1 (reserved only for the Batch 206 Vodka) gets a continuous re-circulation for many days. Just prior to being bottled, the vodka is further subjected to pharmaceutical-grade filtration, ensuring the highest degree of clarity ever found in distilled spirits. Indeed, like a fine diamond, Batch 206 Vodka affords the most discriminating consumer with the finest in cut and clarity!

Gold Medal, 2014

San Francisco World Spirits Competition