Distillery Provisions

Distillery Provisions

These are the pickles you deserve.

Our Story

When Jeff and Daleen Steichen made their dream a reality by opening Batch 206 Distillery three years ago, sustainability was very important to them. Being good Seattleites, they took care and consideration in every step of the process allowing them to manufacture a product without compromise while adhering to their standards for sustainability and positive local impact.

A little more than a year later, while Jeff was giving a private tour of the distillery, a woman in the group closely examined the spent botanicals from a fresh batch of Counter Gin and asked Jeff if she could take some home. “Sure,” Jeff replied “but what would you do with them?”

She happily explained that when dried these botanicals would make wonderful potpourri. This gave Jeff pause and after the tour he went back to take a closer look at what they called “spent” botanicals. As he sifted through the juniper, citrus peel, tarragon, lavender, and blue verbena he realized his guest had been right – these were anything but “spent”. They were fragrant, surprisingly vibrant, and still had a lot to give. This led to Jeff’s “lightbulb” moment and a phone call to close friend and Seattle chef of 20 years, Kelly Gaddis.

Jeff and Kelly sat down and talked about the possibility of creating some distillery-based food products. Later in that conversation Distillery Provisions was born. Kelly suggested that pickles would be an ideal inaugural product. Taking the spent Counter Gin botanicals, Kelly created the Gin Pickle; a savory pickle with an aroma and flavor unlike any other.

The next logical move was to create something inspired by another distillery product, the Old Log Cabin Bourbon Whiskey. Without spent botanicals to work with, Jeff and Kelly looked to the barrel itself. Kelly poured his proprietary brine and spices into a freshly dumped whiskey barrel, sealed it, and aged it four months. This brine created a pickle that is in the dill tradition but with a mellow spice and a hint of whiskey and oak.

With two unique products under the Distillery Provisions belt, Jeff and Kelly continue to brainstorm and have several new and equally uncommon concoctions in the pipeline for future release.


Our brine and vinegar are combined with the “spent” botanicals from a fresh run of award-winning Batch 206 Counter Gin. Containing juniper, lavender, orange peel, lemon peel, verbena, and tarragon, these botanicals create a unique brine which is then combined with hand-cut and packed cucumbers in small-batch runs.

A bold, yet oddly elegant flavor, this pickle wouldn’t be out of place being enjoyed with a martini while relaxing in an Eames lounge chair and some Miles Davis on the hi-fi.


After aging Batch 206 Log Cabin Bourbon for two years our whiskey barrels are emptied and immediately filled with a proprietary blend of brine, white vinegar, and spices. The barreled brine is aged before being combined with fresh cucumbers in small batch, hand-packed canning runs.

This long process results in a pickle that has roots tied to a traditional dill but with notes of less common spices like cumin and caraway. What really sets it apart though is an understated flavor of aged, charred oak and bourbon. This is a pickle with a kick – evocative of saloons, backyard BBQs, and Johnny Cash Live at Folsom.

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